b. 2012-2013, d. 2011.

Monterrey, MX-NLE.

Built by Dear Architects.

Plot: 163 m2 (1 755 ft2).
Built area: 379 m2 (4 080 ft2).

Team: Margarita Flores, Rubén Octavio Sepúlveda Chapa, Abel Salazar López, Ana Paulina Reyes, Jorge Alberto Jiménez, Cinthia Cavazos.

Photo Credits: Lorena Darquea Fotografía.

The site, a 162 m2 middle block plot has the peculiarity of having two 9 m fronts, a north and a south facade. The height difference between the two allows placing the programs in an alternate way to each extreme of the plot, closing the house from its direct context. By making this procedure two volumes are formed, leaving a void in the center of the site. The stairs, placed in the central area, connects both volumes dividing the space and forming two patios to deliver ventilation and light in addition to expanding the immediate program according to its level.

The lower south access receives the vehicles and serves as the family entrance, guiding directly to a garden and terrace, meanwhile the higher northern access functions as the main and formal entrance to the house.

The alternating platforms between one volume and the other allow visual continuity to interact between spaces causing a perception of a wider and larger space.  This difference in height between the volumes permits the master bedroom and bathroom an overview of the mountains, and creating a terrace over the lower volume.

The vertical circulation gathers in the central volume, it develops and permits different programs to connect causing consciousness by perspectives where you can observe the relationship of elements and openings between each volume, realizing a unity in the whole but still managing a volumetric individuality by the differentiation of textures.