House and Workshop.
b. 2012-2013, d. 2010.
Santa Catarina, MX-NLE.
Built by Dear Architects.

Plot: 328 m2 (3 531 ft2).
Built area: 420 m2 (4 521 ft2).

Team: Margarita Flores, Rubén Octavio Sepúlveda Chapa, Abel Salazar López, Ana Paulina Reyes, Jorge Alberto Jiménez.

Collaborators: Cinthia Cavazos, Lorena Darquea.
Photo Credits: Dear Architects.

Video credits: Filmatica by Juan Benavides

The house program is summarized in three atmospheres which get arranged in three different stories that solve the project settlement on a site with a slope of twenty percent, this same topography foster the lyric of paths and the sequence between spaces: In direct contact with the lower garden the areas for the family interaction get established, at street level, with a cantilever of 4.5 m above the garden, all public areas are located, and the higher level is reserved for the areas of rest and privacy.

Every level owns its specific terrace, with the characteristics that responds to the nature of the program which expands the room with the higher hierarchy.

The plot, being a block corner open to the west, slopes south-north, same direction the volume develops, this allows to afford the views to the mountains, city, neighboring park and an impressive sunset.

The movable ironwork causes a physical interaction with the house and compose an event while changing how the facade is perceived, along with controlling the solar incidence, causing different effects during the year and projecting over the onsite made concrete and colored glass terrazzo.

The presence of the mountains surrounding the site at distance encourages a set of indoor spaces that allow the recognition of the essence of place, specific views that reveals a fraction of the mountain, a way of fixing the horizon and introduce it in to the house.